Three Easy Ways to Help Wildlife This Winter

Many animals struggle to survive the cold months. By taking some time to follow these simple tips, you can ensure that your backyard is an abundant for wildlife this winter.

1. Leave Small Amounts of Food for Hungry Birds and Squirrels

All living things need to eat, but food can be scarce during the winter. Leaving food for backyard animals can be done in many ways. Stocking a bird feeder, putting loose seed or dried fruit in a container in your yard, or even certain kitchen scraps can make a lovely meal for a hungry backyard animal. Check out my article The Do’s and Don’ts of Feeding Wildlife for more information, and always proceed with caution when feeding wildlife. Another option is a DIY birdseed ornament. These are a fun craft that are great for backyard birds and squirrels as well. Check out my recipe for a DIY birdseed ornament feeder!

2. Providing Water

Just as important as food, having access to water is another issue for wildlife in the winter as most water sources are frozen. Leaving a bowl of fresh water every day is helpful for thirsty creatures. Another option to consider is purchasing a heated bird bath or bird bath deicer to keep water from freezing without having to worry about it everyday.

3. Leave Unkempt Areas in Your Backyard

Leaving sections of your yard with brush, leaves and wood allows warm hiding places for a variety of animals. Many creatures will happily burrow in piles of brush in order to keep warm. Many helpful insects also thrive in rotting wood over the winter.

All it takes is a little bit of your time to help out your local wildlife this winter. I hope you enjoyed these tips! To find out how you can help your backyard animals in other seasons, check out the links below.



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